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Joe Barracata is a Professional Singer/Songwriter/ Guitarist based out of Monmouth County, NJ. Music has been the center of Joe's life since a very young age. A drummer since the age of 5, guitarist at 14 and took a shot at vocals in late 20's. Joe has opened and toured with National acts, Appeared on NBC's Another World, Played the Nashville new music conference, and has one solo CD under his belt. Currently Joe and his Band work roughly 130 dates a year in the club/bar scene of NJ/NY. Years have passed since Joes last CD. "I found it very hard to find time to record. The Cover work took off in '03 and basically took up all my time. But I've been writing all along." Hard at work on my second CD right now. Shooting for June release. Think my songwriting has grown since my last one. Life does that to you. Have some sweet ballads as well as a taste of country. Throwing all my influences of the past few years in it.